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Will Bilateral Complex Renal Cysts Be Life-Threatening

2013-07-09 11:48

Will bilateral complex renal cysts be life-threatening? As their name indicates, bilateral complex renal cysts describe as complex kidney cysts developing on both kidneys. With the growth of complex cysts on both kidneys, back pain, blood urine, infections and some other symptoms may appear one by one.

An overview of bilateral complex kidney cysts

In clinic, complex kidney cyst is less common but more serious than simple kidney cyst. Compared with simple kidney cyst, complex cysts on both kidneys have several characteristics:

- Complex renal cyst is filled with not only fluid but also other substances such as solid enhancing material and calcium.

- The walls of complex renal cyst divide it into many parts.

- There are irregularities within the walls of cyst.

- Complex renal cyst has a high risk of kidney cancer.

- This type of cyst has tissues that get a blood supply.

Besides, complex renal cysts usually present in other disorders and disease, namely Polycystic Kidney Disease, medullary sponge kidney, cysts of the renal sinus, acquired cystic kidney disease and medullary cystic disease.

Will bilateral complex renal cysts be life-threatening?

When these cysts are small in size and don’t have rupture or canceration, no life-threatening symptoms or complications can occur. However, with their enlargement, patients should pay attention to two conditions.

One is the cyst hemorrhage or even rupture: As the cyst grows, it will stretch its surrounding tissues and other organs, and these tissues or organs, in turn will compress the cyst, resulting in cyst rupture easily. In this process, back pain, blood urine and kidney cyst infection may occur. If not treated timely, a life-threatening situation may arise.

The other is kidney cancer: It is reported that complex kidney cyst has a risk ranging from 13% to 90% for being kidney cancer. Therefore, people with bilateral complex kidney cysts should prevent kidney cancer in the early stage. However, the detailed treatment plan changes from person to person. (If you are bothered by complex cyst, you can send your test report to, so kidney experts here can give you prompt suggestions).


Bilateral complex renal cysts themselves may be not life-threatening, but their symptoms and complications need to be managed timely, otherwise they may cause death. Any question about today’s topic, welcome to consult our online doctor or leave a message to us.

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