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Aspiration for 7cm*7cm*10cm Renal Cortical Cyst

2013-07-24 16:25

Patient: Because I have severe back pain, the doctor suggests me to do ultrasound test. The result shows a 7cm*7cm*10cm renal cortical cyst in left kidney. My doctor says it has been so big that I have to accept aspiration. Can you tell me more about aspiration for renal cortical cyst?

Aspiration for 7cm*7cm*10cm Renal Cortical CystDoctor: Renal cortical cyst refers to cyst developing in renal cortex, sometimes on the surface of kidneys. Generally, the normal size of kidney is 10-12cm long, 5-6cm wide and 3-4cm thick.

Since your cyst has grown to 7cm*7cm*10cm, it is nearly as big as the kidney. Therefore, your severe back pain is more likely to due to this huge renal cortical cyst.

Aspiration is used commonly to deal with large or symptomatic cysts. This treatment contains two steps: Firstly, the doctor punctures the cortical cyst with a long needle inserted through the skin. Next, doctor drains the cyst and then fill the cyst with alcohol. Therefore, aspiration can ease patients’ symptoms obviously.

However, in some cases, a renal cortical cyst will return and refill with sac fluid. What’s worse, aspiration can’t do anything for small kidney cyst. Because of these two factors, we would like to introduce natural herbs for renal cortical cysts.

In clinical, some Chinese herbs are proven to be effective on shrinking renal cortical cysts. Here, we will first introduce two natural herbs for large renal cortical cyst.

1. Dandelion: It can help increase the kidney output so as to remove waste products and excess water from the body. Additionally, it can also enhance kidney function. A clean internal environment and enhanced kidney function can provide a good basis for the following treatment.

2. Lalang grass rhizome: Through increasing the permeability of cystic walls, this herb can make sac fluid reabsorbed and discharged from the body gradually via blood circulation. Also, it can inhibit the secretion of sac fluid.

There are many other natural herbs that can be alternative treatments to aspiration for renal cortical cyst, but the personalized prescription should depend on patients’ specific condition. Therefore, make sure you have consult the doctor before taking any herbal medicine.

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