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Renal Cortical Cyst Definition by PKD Clinic

2013-07-30 11:57

Renal Cortical Cyst Definition by PKD ClinicRenal cortical cyst and renal parapelvic cyst are two main forms of simple kidney cysts. Between them, cortical cyst is more common and often appears in the result of ultrasound report or CT scan. However, few patients know the renal cortical cyst definition clearly. Therefore, nephrologists at PKD Clinic give an introduction of cortical cyst in detail.

Renal cortical cyst arising from renal cortex, which consists of more than one million of nephrons. In our body, nephrons, including glomerulus and renal tubule, are responsible for filtration function and reabsorption function.

Generally, renal cortical cyst is a non-neoplastic mass and filled with clear serous fluid with no communication to the renal collecting system. Therefore, these cysts commonly won’t cause any symptom or discomfort when they are small in size, but some symptoms may appear along with these cysts’ continuous enlargement.

If the cortical cyst develops on the surface of kidney and becomes bigger than 3cm, it is more likely to stretch the surrounding tissues, resulting in kidney damage and some symptoms. Back pain, kidney cyst infection and blood urine, all are common symptoms due to large cortical cyst or cyst rupture.

Well control of these symptoms is indispensable to keep patients’ condition from worsening. For example, if you have renal cortical cyst and infections, drinking enough water and cranberry juice is a natural remedy to ease your infections like urinary tract infection. In some cases, antibiotics may also be used.

Finally, shrinking cortical cyst is the fundamental method to guarantee patients’ overall health. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has been used maturely in north of China to reduce renal cortical cyst. Until now, patients from more than one hundred of countries have got great benefits from this therapy.

If your renal cortical cyst is small, you don’t need any specific treatment but need to develop a healthy diet plan and lifestyle, while you need to accept treatment to shrink your cyst timely if it is too large or symptomatic. Never miss the best treatment time.

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