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What Is Cortical Partially Exophytic Cyst and Its Treatment

2013-08-01 16:46

What Is Cortical Partially Exophytic Cyst and Its TreatmentCortical partially exophytic cyst occurs easily in one person’s physical examination, but only a few people know its definition clearly. Therefore, today, we are here to introduce what is cortical partially exophytic cyst and its treatment.

The definition of cortical partially exophytic cyst

Cortical partially means renal cortex, which guarantees the kidney normal function, while exophytic cyst refers to cyst developing on the surface of kidney. With these characteristics, cortical partially exophytic cyst may rupture and cause severe back pain easily.

Since this type of cyst grows on the surface of kidneys, any knock on the kidney area is more likely to cause cyst rupture with its growth. As a result, blood urine, urinary tract infections or even sepsis, which can be life-threatening.

How to treat cortical partially exophytic cyst?

Since exophytic cyst ruptures more easily than endogenous cyst, prompt treatment is needed urgently to avoid other health problems. The following are two common treatments used to manage exohytic cortical cyst.

One therapy is cyst aspiration. Because exophytic cyst is obvious and easy to find. With the help of ultrasound, doctors can use a long needle to puncture the cyst easily. Then, some substances containing alcohol are filled into this cyst. This surgery is able to ease patients’ back pain and drain sac fluid quickly. However, one big disadvantages of this method is that the shrunk cyst may be filled with fluid again.

The other therapy is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It, compared with surgery, can not only reduce cortical partially exophytic cyst but also preventing the fluid from filling in the cyst again. Therefore, its effect is persistent, but it may need a relatively longer time.

If you are diagnosed with this form of kidney cyst, you can describe the size and number of your cysts to us, so we can help you decide which one treatment is suitable for you.

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