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Can Kidney Cyst Patients Eat Parsley

2013-08-13 15:33

Can Kidney Cyst Patients Eat ParsleyCan kidney cyst patients eat parsley? Many kidney cyst patients who love eating parsley must have this question. As we all know, parsley is a common vegetable, and its benefits to us has been time-tested. While, like patients with other kidney diseases, kidney cyst patient has some restriction on his diet, so it is normal for us to have this curiosity.

Here i can show you some benefits that Parsley can provide for kidney cyst patients:

Inducing diuresis to reduce edema

Parsley has effective diuretic ingredients, which can remove the retention of fluid and sodium, to boost the metabolism of blood and fluid in body. As kidney cyst grows, big lump may appear in patient’s stomach. We all know edema is a common symptom of kidney disease, and it can aggravate the kidney damage. Therefore, this effect of parsley is a great help to kidney cyst patient.

Controlling high blood pressure

High blood pressure is a common complication of kidney disease, which can cause the kidney function further damaged, and it is also a major pathogenesis of kidney disease. Parsley contains acidic composition which has the function of lowering high blood pressure, and keeping it in the normal level.

Boosting immunity

Parsley contains abundant vitamin C, B1 and B2,which has the function of boosting immunity by protecting body cells and strengthening the liveness of antibody. Kidney cyst may cause kidney damage if the patient doesn’t have an effective therapy in the early time, so improving the immunity of patient is essential to preserve the patient’s kidney function and overall health.

Unluckily, parsley is not a totally healthy food for all kidney cyst patients. For example, it has abundant potassium and phosphorus. If patient has high potassium level or high phosphorus level in his blood, he has to have a restriction on the amount of parsley intake. Specific case should have particular pattern. If you have any doubt on parsley intake, you can consult our experts, and we will send you a detailed answer.

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