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Prevention of Kidney Cyst

2013-09-04 17:18

Prevention of Kidney Cyst For patients with Kidney Cyst, it is usually asymptomatic in early stage. Most patients are diagnosed with this disease when they take some physical examinations. They should know that the earlier the prevention, the better the result.

Until now, we can’t figure out the root cause of Kidney Cyst. When the cysts grow too big or there are some infections, you had better see your doctor as soon as possible. In addition, the following suggestions can be effective in the prevention of Kidney Cyst:

1. Foods that should be avoided

Pickled foods, spicy foods(including pepper, wine, shrimps and so on). Polluted foods or the leftovers. For those with renal insufficiency or kidney failure, they should pay attention to bean products and greasy foods, etc.

2. Intake of salt

The intake of salt can be adjusted with the patients illness condition and the degree of kidney function. Usually, the quantity of salt should be controlled at 2-3g/d.

3. Pay attention to rest

Avoid strenuous exercises and abdominal injuries. If there are obvious cysts, to avoid the rupture of cysts, you had better choose slings rather than belts.

4. Do regular checkups

Patients with disorder had better do regular checkups every half a year(which includes blood pressure, routine urine test, kidney function and B ultrasound)

5. Pay attention to nutrition

As for the diet, they should choose some high-quality protein foods and properly intake of low- fat foods. If you want to know a list of the above foods, consult with our online doctor, our experts will contact with you as soon as possible.

This disease can occur in any age, and more than 60% patients are the elderly above 50s. In addition, if you are patient with Kidney Cyst, you should realize that prevention is not enough. Proper treatments also play significant role in treating this disorder. For more individualized information, leave us a message below.

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