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How to Promote the Prognosis of Kidney Cyst

2013-09-07 15:28

How to Promote the Prognosis of Kidney Cyst Kidney Cyst (Renal Cyst), is a common kidney disorder especially for the elder. However, different patients are always accompanied with various prognosis, and how to promote its the prognosis have become their major concern.

Factors that affect its prognosis:

The ages of patients, the sizes of the biggest cyst, the surrounding environment and the lifestyle, etc can all affect its prognosis.

What can patients do to promote its prognosis?

The basic  measures that we can take is to shrink renal cysts, avoid cystic rupture and so on. To achieve these goals, we recommend patients with healthy lifestyle and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.

1. Take regular test

To identify whether the cyst is growing, they should take tests regularly. If the cysts do increase, medical treatment should be given to shrink cysts.

2. Healthy diet plan

Insist on a high-quality intake of protein and avoid drinking too much alcohol. Study have shown that drinking is an inducing factor to the growth of cysts.

3. Proper exercises

Avoid strenuous exercises that can cause injuries to your body. They should take proper exercises, walking, Tai Chi, Qigong, etc, can be helpful in the whole treatment.

4. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

It is a combination of traditional Chinese medicine and advanced technology. By dilating blood vessels and promoting blood circulation, the permeability of cystic walls will be increased. After a period of treatment, patients will feel better than before and the prognosis can be promoted to a large extent. If you are interested in the herbal lists of this therapy, consult with our online doctor and you will receive a satisfied answer in time.

If you are suffering from Kidney Cyst and looking for an effective treatment to promote its prognosis, you can email for more detailed information.

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