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What Is a Subcortical Cyst in the Kidney

2015-05-19 06:08

What Is a Subcortical Cyst in the KidneyA kidney cyst is a fluid-filled sac that can form in any part of the kidneys. If it forms within the renal cortex, it is called subcortical cyst.

Should I be concerned about subcortical kidney cyst?

In general, a kidney cyst is simple and cause no symptoms since it is small. Yet, if the cyst grow very big or gets infected, it is likely to cause some problems.

Possible symptoms of a subcortical kidney cyst

Back pain is the most common symptom in kidney cyst patients. This is due to kidney cyst enlargement. The kidney capsule is stretched and pain occurs in the lower back, sides or flank. Pain is chronic and dull.

Blood in urine may also be seen when the subcortical cyst ruptures. Kidney cyst burst may cause kidney infection is left untreated. In that case, fever and chills may be also accompanied.

Treatment for a subcortical renal cyst

The doctor may tell you that you need no treatment unless the cyst is very large and cause you some problems. But a watchful waiting, a regular examination to monitor the cyst growth is very necessary.

In addition, medicine to shrink subcortical kidney cyst is the most important. According to more than 30 years of clinical practice, I recommend you to take traditional Chinese herbs.

On one hand, the effective ingredients of Chinese medicines can inhibit the cyst epithelial cells to secrete fluid any more, so that the growth of kidney cyst stops.

On the other hand, we choose herbal medicines and therapies that can improve blood circulation. Thereby, cyst fluid can be reabsorbed into blood vessels, and then discharged by kidneys with urine.

Since traditional Chinese medicine are very effective and natural, more and more kidney cyst patients want to take them. You can consult our doctor online directly or email to This online consultation is free of charge.

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