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Cysts In Kidney Symptoms

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Kidney Cyst and High Blood Pressure

2014-04-22 00:54

 Kidney Cyst and High Blood PressureKidney cyst is one of the most common renal lesions. Kidney cyst and high blood pressure are the significant elements of polycystic kidney disease (PKD). Will kidney cyst cause high blood pressure? Let’s reveal the secret together.

When the cyst oppresses kidney, it will cause the increase of rennin secretion, which will lead to high blood pressure. That’s to say, high blood pressure is the most common sign of the presence of kidney cysts. Occasionally, patients may develop headaches related to high blood pressure. When the renal function can work normally, there have 50% patients suffer from high blood pressure. When the renal function is decreasing, the incidence of high blood pressure will be higher.

So what’s the treatment for treating kidney cyst to prevent the occurrence of high blood pressure? Can the patients get rid of this disease? Look at the following answer.

In general, the western doctor adopts fine needle puncture pumping fluid to treat the kidney cyst. This surgery uses a long needle under the guidance of ultrasound to pierce the cyst through the skin to suck out fluid. But this therapy is easy to relapse. It only can excise some large cysts, and other small cysts easily increase again. Therefore, it can’t clear away the cysts from the root. 

The best way is using traditional Chinese medicine to suppress the secretion of cyst fluid, shrink the cyst, avoid increasing renal cyst extrusion and prevent cyst growing up again.

Now, Hot Compress Therapy is used to treat kideny cyst successfully.

This therapy is based on Chinese herbal medicine. These precious wild herbs can activate blood, reduce the symptoms of kidney cyst such as high blood pressure, proteinurias, eliminate cystic masses, repair kidney tissues and improve renal function, which can effectively restore the normal function of the kidney organ.

As a result, this therapy can treat the kidney cyst from the root. So patients need not to bear the pain due to the disease.

In addition, patients also should pay attention to the balance of diet, doing exercise regularly and preventing the cold in daily life.

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