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Is Liver Cyst Serious

2014-04-01 14:59

Is Liver Cyst SeriousIn the healthy examination, many people find that themselves have liver cyst. At the sight of this diagnosis of this disease, most of them will be very nervous. Is liver cyst serious? Will liver cyst develop into liver cancer? Do patients need to treat it?

Ultrasound diagnosis of liver cyst

Ultrasound is the most practical, economic and non-invasive imaging technology. Liver cyst mainly depends on the imaging diagnosis. In the quantitive aspects of liver cyst, generally believed that ultrasound is more accurate than CT. But in the comprehensive understanding of the size of the cyst number position and surrounding liver related viscera, CT examination is superior to ultrasound.

The true features of liver cyst

Briefly speaking, liver cyst is that “bubble” exists the liver. Liver cysts have various sizes. The size of small cysts is just only a few millimeters. The big cyst can reach more than 10 cm. The cyst just like a ball or oval filled with clear liquid or bile.

Is liver cyst serious?

Most of the small liver cyst need not to treat. If the liver cyst is larger than 5 cm, patients can consider adopting treatment. When the liver cyst suffers from bacterial infection and liver abscess, patients should take measures to do anti-infection treatment.

The treatment for liver cyst

In order to treat liver cyst, a medical therapy is crucial for patients to recover. Here, we would like to recommend you hot compress therapy. It is a natural and safe treatment. By a series of functions such as extending blood vessels, eliminating blood stasis, repairing renal function, rebuilding kidney structure and removing toxins and excess water or other harmful substance, hot compress therapy can help patients shrink liver cyst and improve renal function gradually.

Actually, liver cyst is not a terrible disease. If you use a proper treatment, there is a great possibility for you to recover again. Don’t be afraid. Be positive and fight against renal disease, rehabilitation is not far from you.

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