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Cysts In Kidney Symptoms

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Do Kidney Cysts Cause Abdominal And Groin Pain

2013-03-29 14:34

Abdominal and groin pain is a common complain among kidney cyst patients. Usually for a patient with kidney cysts, aside from abdominal pain and groin pain, they have risks to develop some other symptoms like flank pain on one or both sides, high blood pressure, blood urine, excessive urination at night and tiredness and so on.

How does kidney cysts cause abdominal and groin pain?

Kidney cyst is a fluid collection in kidney and it may appear in both inside the kidney and outside the kidney. For people with kidney cysts, they will experience abdominal and groin pain in the following several conditions:

1. If the cysts are large and happen to grow in the part where is near to lower pole, patients suffer from abdominal pain and groin pain easily.

2. Kidney cysts rupture and cause infection, leading to the abdominal pain and groin pain.

3. Kidney cysts become larger and larger over time. They pull renal capsule and cause pain. Without effective management, the pain may speard to abdominal part and groin part.

How to treat abdominal and groin pain caused by kidney cysts?

At present, there are mainly two medical methods that can be used to deal with kidney cysts:

1. Surgery: Surgery is a direct and effective medical method for kidney cysts. It removes cysts from kidney immediately and show quick treatment effects. When kidney cysts are removed, abdominal pain and groin pain disappear. However, surgery is risky. During surgery process, kidney cysts patients catch infection easily, which may thus cause kidney damages. Besides, surgery only can be applied by patients with cysts in outer part of the kidney. There are lots of tiny blood vessels and kidney tissues inside the kidney. Surgery may cause damages on these blood vessles and kidney tissues, leading to chronic kidney problem. Therefore, people with cysts growing inside the kidney are usually not suggested to do surgery.

2. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy: Different from surgery, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can be adopted by all the patients with kidney cysts, as it causes no side effects. Micro-Chinese medicines have function to extend blood vessels and increase permeability of cystic wall, which can help cystic fluids ooze out. When fluid inside the cyst is reduced, kidney cyst is shrunk effectively. Also, abdominal and groin pain disappear.

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