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Cysts In Kidney Symptoms

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Foamy Urine in Renal Cysts

2014-05-21 06:58

Foamy Urine in Renal CystsFoamy urine is the common symptom in renal cysts. Actually, urine appear foam has many factors. Please read on.

The reason causing foamy urine

Renal disease such as renal cysts.

Some patients with renal disease will often suffer from protein in urine. When the patients urinate, there will produce much of foam.

Urinary system infection.


When the sugar increases, the pH value of urine will change and induce foam.

For patients with renal cysts and kidney cysts, they have a great chance of appearing foamy urine. Why?

The damaged kidneys grow many sacs with liquid or fluid, which can cause the great damage of cysts. Once the kidneys get damaged, they will can’t work normally. At the same time, renal cysts patients’ urine will float some small foam and exist for a long time.

How to get rid of foamy urine renal cysts?

First, going to hospital to do a comprehensive examination of routine urine test.

Then, paying attention to the daily diet.

Avoiding some stimulated foods like chili, garlic and ginger.

Saying “no” to the alcohol and cigarette.

Drinking enough water to promote the normal bowel movement.

Keeping a good habit of lifestyle.

A medical treatment

Hot compress therapy

This is an external and safe therapy which can help you to remove the toxins and urea nitrogen, shrink the renal cysts and improve the renal function from the root without any side effects.

With the help of medical treatment and diet, the symptom of foamy urine in renal cysts can disappear naturally. Patients can regain the health again and live a normal life without trouble.

Best wishes for you and hope you can get away from the renal disease.

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