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Cysts In Kidney Symptoms

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Infections Caused by Kidney Cyst Rupture

2014-06-23 06:14

Infections Caused by Kidney Cyst RuptureKidney cysts are progressive, so if left untreated, the cysts will grow rapidly. Generally speaking, when the size of the cyst is more than 3cm, there will a risk of rupture. As a result, many infections can be caused by kidney cyst rupture. This article is an overview about the cysts and also provides readers some treatments for the infections.

Infections caused by kidney cyst rupture

- Renal Cyst infection

Clinical determination of an infected kidney cyst may be difficult in a patient with PKD. The typical presentations of renal cyst infection are fever and abdominal pain. The pain is dull and aggravates if the infection is accompanied by kidney stone and hematuria. Patients may also experience high blood pressure, slight proteinuria (less than 2g/24hours) or enlarged kidneys. But a kidney cyst infection may be also caused by some other diseases such as pyelonephritis, infected kidney stones, or perinephric abscess. A test is needed to confirm the real cause so that proper treatment can be taken.

- Urinary tract infection (UTI)

Urinary tract infection is the most common complication of PKD. When the cysts rupture, the cystic fluids will flow out. The fluids will cause infection to the organs where they flow through. When they flow through the urinary tract, it will cause urinary tract infection. There are also some possible symptoms such as:

● A strong, persistent urge to urinate

● A burning sensation when urinating

● Passing frequent, small amount of urine

● Urine that appears cloudy

● Urine that appears red, bright pink or cola-colored — a sign of blood in the urine

● Strong-smelling urine

● Pelvic pain, in women

● Rectal pain, in men

If you have any one of above symptoms, you should be very cautious and talk with your doctor in case of it is caused by kidney cyst rupture.

To sum up, kidney cyst infection and urinary tract infection are the possible infections due to ruptured renal cysts. If you want to get rid of these infections, you can consult our experts online.

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