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How Does Kidney Cyst Cause Puffy Ankles

2014-07-02 03:56

How Does Kidney Cyst Cause Puffy AnklesNot all the kidney cysts are harmful if they are small and not get infected. However, there are some factors that can make the kidney cyst to grow, for example, age, side effects of medicines, infections, unhealth diet or life habits. With the progression of kidney cyst, it start to cause damage of kidney function. When the kidney function loses, some symptoms or complications will occur. Puffy ankles are one of such symptoms caused by kidney cyst. Why?

How does kidney cyst cause puffy ankles?

As mentioned above, when kidney cyst cause damage of renal function, some symptoms like swelling, proteinuria, hematuria, high blood pressure, flank pain, back pian or fatigue, etc appear. Puffy ankles is the presence of swelling and proteinuria.

Water-sodium retention

Except puffy ankles, people may see swelling in the legs, arms, hands, feet, face, or eyes. As mentioned above, kidney cyst will cause loss of kidney function. It means that your kidneys cannot remove the excessive fluids in the body, causing more fluids accumulate inside the body. In addition, since damaged kidneys fail to keep the balance of electrolyte, excessive sodium is kept in the body. Therefore, water-sodium retention occur, and thus you see your ankles becomes puffy.


Proteinuria is also one factor that causes puffy ankles. However, it not causes puffy ancle directly. Large amount of leakage of protein due to a drop kidney function makes the plasma colloid osmotic pressure decreased. As a result, more and more fluid accumulates in interstitial space, which causes swelling in patients with kidney cyst.

Now you can see how does kidney cyst cause puffy ankles. In that case, you doctor may recommend you to take diuretics to remove the excessive fluids and wastes by in creasing urine output. Diuretic indeed can relieve swelling, but it has some side effects and cannot improve the kidney function. Here I recommend you Chinese herbs. They are natural and more effective. If you need information about this, you can contact our experts online or leave a message below.

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