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How Big Are the Kidneys With PKD

2014-07-02 09:12

How Big Are the Kidneys With PKDPolycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) is a common topic in the kidney disease field. It is a genetic disorder in the kidneys and can cause many problems of not only kidneys but also other organs. Patients with PKD will experience different symptoms according to their own illness condition. Enlarged kidney is one of the common symptoms of PKD. Then how big will be the kidneys with PKD?

What does enlarged kidney look like?

The normal length of kidney is 10-12cm, and the width is 5-6cm and the thickness is 3-4cm. When kidneys become enlarged due to kidney cysts, they grow with different size. Some of the patients will see their kidneys expand to 20-30cm and even bigger. In the advanced stage of PKD, there will be many cysts forming on the surface of kidneys, and patients may have big abdomen and look like pregnant. In addition, the kidneys look rugged with irregular shapes due to those cysts.

Other possible symptoms of PKD

Except enlarged kidneys, Polycystic Kidney Disease may also cause pain in kidney ares, high blood pressure and renal deficiency. For big kidney cyst start to compress the nearby tissues, causing ischemia and anomia of the kidneys. Gradually, without enough oxygen and blood supply, the glomeruli start fibrosis, and many wastes and toxins cannot be filtered effectively. As a result, water-sodium retention occurs and thus cause swelling and high blood pressure. What’s more, due to decreased glomerular filtration rate, the macromolecule substance like protein as well as red blood cells will leak out of the kidneys. Therefore, proteinuria and hematuria occur.

No matter what symptoms PKD patients have, a timely treatment is necessary. The aim of treatment is to shrink or stop the secretion of cystic fluids. For that purpose, we can give you some suggestions. You can contact our experts online or leave a message below.

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