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Can 3cm Kidney Cyst Cause Microscopic Hematuria

2014-07-12 07:54

Can 3cm Kidney Cyst Cause Microscopic HematuriaCan 3cm kidney cyst cause microscopic hematuria? Yes, sometimes. As you know, kidney cyst grows with time goes by. Generally, when the cyst is beyond 3cm, it will cause some symptoms and hematuria is one of those symptoms. Some patients can see gross hematuria and some of them may see microscopic hematuria. Why does it happen?

How does microscopic hematuria occur with kidney cyst?

3cm kidney cyst indicates the kidneys have been damaged and the cyst is likely to keep on growing. When it enlarges, the nearby kidney tissues will be oppressed. And then the capsule of the kidneys will have an elevated tension, which will burst the blood vessels on the walls of cyst or the renal tissues. Then blood flow out. However, some patients will not see color change of their urine but they can only see blood urine under microscope. This condition is better than gross hematuria.

Actually, what you see in the urine is not blood but red blood cells. For healthy people, red blood cells cannot pass through the glomeruli as they only filter some small molecular substances and some macromolecules like red blood cells and protein will be kept in the body. The large kidney cyst compress the kidney tissues, causing ischemia and anoxia of the kidneys, and then the kidney starts fibrosis and red blood cells leaks out of the body. Then, hematuria occurs.

How to deal with microscopic hematuria with 3cm kidney cyst?

Since the enlarged kidney cyst is the cause of microscopic hematuria, shrinking the cyst can relieve microscopic hematuria. Hot Compress Therapy can shrink cyst naturally. This therapy is based on traditional Chinese medicines. First of all, the substances of the medicines can inhibit the secretion of the cystic fluids. Secondly, harmful fluids can be discharged with blood circulation.The ingredients of Chinese medicines will expand the blood vessels to improve ischemia and anoxia of the kidneys so that the blood circulation will be enhanced.

Hematuria due to kidney cyst is serious because it is easy to cause kidney pain and infections, which will worsen the patient’s illness condition. Therefore, you should take immediate treatment. If you are interested in Hot Compress Therapy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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