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Cysts In Kidney Symptoms

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Complex Renal Cysts with High Blood Pressure

2014-07-17 03:55

Complex Renal Cysts with High Blood PressureRenal cyst is a benign lesion which is very natural for people who are diagnosed with it. In clinic, renal cyst is divided into two types: Simple renal cyst and complex renal cyst. Complex renal cyst has more complex fluids which is cancerous. Therefore, people with complex renal cyst always experience some symptoms. High blood pressure is one of those symptoms.

How does complex renal cyst cause high blood pressure?

Firstly, high blood pressure occurs because of the enlarged complex renal cyst. when the cyst grows, it will compress the nearby renal tissues, causing decreased blood volume in parts of the kidneys. At this time, the kidneys will secret more rennin and angiotensin, both of which are two types of hormones that will raise the blood pressure.

Secondly, since the damaged kidneys lose the function of maintaining water and electrolyte balance, water-sodium retention appears. That condition causes an elevated plasma osmotic pressure, which is another reason why high blood pressure occurs with complex renal cyst.

How to reduce high blood pressure with complex renal cyst?

Normally, doctor suggest the patients to take ACEIs (Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors) or ARBs (Angiotensin Receptor Blockers), which are the commonly used drugs to lower blood pressure. However, those medicines are not good for kidney and may cause many side effects such as vomiting and infection.

It is certain that shrinking or removing the complex cyst is the solution as the enlargement of the cyst is the direct cause of high blood pressure. Well then, how to shrink or remove the cyst? Surgeries, including Aspiration and Decortication, can shrink or remove the cyst with a quick and effective outcome. Yet, if you know the side effects, you may not want to take surgery to treat complex cyst. During the process, patients may get infection or damage of renal tissues. Well then, what is a natural and safe way to lower high blood pressure with complex renal cyst?

Here, I recommend Hot Compress Therapy, which is based on traditional Chinese medicines. The ingredients of the medicines have the function of expanding blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation and degrading. By those steps, kidney function can be improved and complex renal cyst can be shrunk and will disappear gradually. Therefore, high blood pressure can be lowered naturally and effectively.

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