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Cysts In Kidney Symptoms

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Cysts on Kidneys With Severe Pain

2014-07-18 07:55

Cysts on Kidneys With Severe PainAre you suffering severe pain with kidney cyst? You should be concerned now. Kidney cyst is a benign lesion which is a fluid-filled sac under the ultrasound. It is normally cause no symptoms unless it grows to a large size or ruptures. That is why I say you should be concerned now.

Why does kidney cyst cause severe pain?

The first cause of severe pain is the enlargement of the cyst. When it grows, it begins to compress renal tissues and cause nerve damages. Therefore, you will experience pain in kidney area. Generally, the pain is sudden and dull.

What’s worse, if the cyst is beyond 3-5cm, it has a high risk of rupture. When it ruptures, it is easy to cause infection and bleeding. At this time, you will experience severe and persistent pain. If you also have pain during urination, you should have got urinary tract infection. In addition, due to cyst burst, you are likely to see blood in the urine.

How to relieve the pain due to renal cyst?

Treatment should be based on different cases.

If the cyst does not ruptures, you need to take measures to shrink the size of it. How? There are two choices: Surgery and Medication. Surgery is often taken if you have one or several large cysts. Surgery can remove the cyst by draining the fluid in it or resecting the walls of the cysts. Both the two ways can give you a quick relieve of severe pain. Yet, you should know the side effects of surgery, namely infection and damage of renal tissues during the process. Well then, how about taking medicines?

Actually, I refer to traditional Chinese medicines because they are more natural and effective. Hot Compress Therapy is an innovative way that is also based on traditional Chinese medicines. It is carried externally by putting hot bags that contain micronized Chinese medicines onto your kidney area. With modern osmotic devices, those active ingredients can permeate into the lesions directly. In this way, the cyst can be shrunk naturally and fundamentally. Then, you can get rid of severe pain gradually.

If you are interested in Hot Compress Therapy or have some other questions, you can consult out online doctors.

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