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Cysts In Kidney Symptoms

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Is a 8cm Cyst on the Kidney a Problem

2014-07-20 03:52

Is a 8cm Cyst on the Kidney a ProblemIs a 8cm cyst on the kidney a problem? Yes, absolutely! It is an extremely serious problem and you should take immediate treatment. Why do I say so? You will understand after you finish reading this article.

In clinic, is the cyst is less than 2cm, it will cause no symptoms. However, when it grows to more than 2cm (generally 3-5cm), it becomes symptomatic and some problems will occur, for example:

1. Kidney enlargement

The big cyst will change the shape of the kidneys. The kidney that forms cyst is bigger than the other one. Sometimes, patients with large renal cyst can feel the enlarged kidneys when then put their hands on kidney area. Even few of them will look like pregnant due to extremely enlarged renal cyst.

2. Pain in kidney area

The enlarged kidney cysts will compress nearby tissues and cause nerve damages. Therefore, pain in kidney area occurs and it can be dull or sharp. Sometimes, patients will experience abdominal pain. Labor work, long-term walking or sitting will worsen the painful feeling, while a good rest can relieve it.

Cyst bleeding, movements of kidney stones or acute infection are also the causes of sudden pain.

3. Blood in urine

About half of the people with kidney cysts have hematuria. 8cm kidney cyst has a high risk of rupture and bleeding. If the cyst is hemorrhagic, people will see the urine is red with eyes or under microscopic. What’s more, hematuria is often accompanied by proteinuria and leucocyturia. If the kidney infection becomes more serious, hematuira will aggravate and fever will soon follows with back pain.

4. High blood pressure

When large renal cyst compresses nearby tissues, the kidney will excrete more certain hormone which will increase blood pressure.

8cm kidney cyst is very dangerous and will not only cause those symptoms mentioned above. It will affect other systems and organs. Now, you know what a big problem 8cm kidney cyst is. You should not be hesitated to contact us. Our experts online will give you some suggestions about the treatment of 8cm kidney cyst.

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