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Cysts In Kidney Symptoms

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What Will Happen If 3.6cm Renal Cyst Is Left Untreated

2014-08-11 01:17

What Will Happen If 3.6cm Renal Cyst Is Left UntreatedWhat will happen if 3.6cm renal cyst is left untreated? Well, it depends. Normally, if the cyst is less than 2cm, it causes no symptoms. At this time, even though you left it untreated, it won’t be serious for you. Yet, a regular urine tests, including urinalysis, urine culture, a kidney function tests every six months to a year is necessary. What if 3.6cm renal cyst is left untreated?

When the kidney cysts is more than 3cm, it becomes symptomatic. Symptoms or complications are as follows:

1. Pain. Painful feeling occurs due to the compression of the big renal cyst. When the cyst grows to large size, it begins to compress the surrounding tissues, causing nerve damage. Therefore, people with big cyst always feel pain in the kidney area. Sometimes, they suffer from side pain and abdominal pain. Usually this painful feeling occurs suddenly and is dull. If the cyst is bleeding or get infected, the pain will be more serious. When renal cyst is accompanied by kidney stone or blood clot blocks the ureter, renal colic will appear.

2. High blood pressure. It is also due to the compression from large cysts. There are some tiny blood vessels of the kidneys are oppressed. As a result, the kidney is stimulated to secrete some hormones that is called angiotensin, which can elevate the blood pressure. About more than half of the people may experience this complication.

3. Urinary changes: Hematuria can be seen with eyes or under microscope. There are many arteries on the walls of the cyst. Due to the pressure or infection, the blood vessels burst because of strong tension. Proteinuria may also occur, but normally the amount of the protein leakage is less than 2g/d.

4. Renal function loss. This is the most serious consequent because if the renal intrinsic cells are damaged, they are not easy to be repaired.

These above the listed are some common symptoms or complications of 3.6cm renal cyst. If you have any other symptoms, you can contact our doctors online or leave a message below.

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