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Dangers of Hemorrhagic Kidney Cysts

2014-08-22 00:53

Dangers of Hemorrhagic Kidney CystsRenal cysts, which are commonly known as kidney cysts, are sacs that develop within or on the surface of kidneys. A hemorrhagic renal cyst is characterized by hemorrhage or bleeding into the cyst. This article is mainly about the dangers of hemorrhagic kidney cysts and will also provide you with some suggestions to help you get rid of this problem.

Why does kidney cysts bleed?

Like other tissues, kidney cyst has its own blood vessels on the wall. When it grows to a certain size (usually more than 3cm), it starts to compress the nearby organs and even other cysts. With the enlargement of the cyst, its blood vessels may burst because of unbearable pressure from the oppression. That’s why you are diagnosed with hemorrhagic kidney cysts.

What are the dangers of hemorrhagic kidney cysts?

1. Blood in urine

2. Infection (especially urinary tract infection and kidney cyst infection)

3. Severe and persistent pain in the back, flank or abdomen

4. Fever

5. Sepsis (blood being polluted due to cystic fluid)

How to treat hemorrhagic kidney cysts?

1. Medicines: In general, antibiotics are prescribed to manage various infections. Besides, if you cannot bear the pain, painkillers are also required. You doctor may also recommend you diuretics to promote the discharge of wastes by increasing urine output. However, some of the medicines produce wastes that are excreted by the kidneys, which will burden then kidneys. If so, your kidneys will be further damaged. Your doctor know how should you be treated, while if not, you can consult our doctor online.

2. Surgery: If medicines does not work, surgery will be taken to drain or remove the hemorrhagic kidney cysts.

3. Medicated Bath: Neither medicines nor surgery can help you solve the problem fundamentally. They simply help you relieve your discomforts temporarily. Medicated Bath is based on Traditional Chinese Medicines which have the function of improving the blood circulation and repair renal intrinsic cells. This can not shrink the kidney cysts but also can protect and improve kidney function.

If you have hemorrhagic kidney cysts and need help, we are always by our side.

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