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Cysts In Kidney Symptoms

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Renal Cortical Cyst: Symptoms and Diet

2013-07-15 11:10

A renal cortical cyst refers to a fluid-filled package that grows in the area of kidney called renal cortex. Most often, renal cortical cysts are benign and they don’t cause severe healthy problem. However, as they grow, some renal cortical cyst symptoms are more likely to appear and a specific diet is also needed.

Renal cortical cyst symptoms

When some of these cysts grow too bigger or one of them bursts, the sufferers may have one or more the following symptoms.

◆ Back, lower side or upper abdomen pain

◆ High blood pressure that is one of most common symptoms in renal cortical cysts

◆ Urinary tract infection

◆ Kidney stone

◆ Changes in urination such as blood urine, proteinuria and urination frequent at night

◆ High serum creatinine level or high blood urea nitrogen (BUN)

If you are diagnosed with renal cortical cysts and you have had symptoms the above mentioned, a healthy diet is very important for you to prevent your cysts from growing.

Arrange a scientific renal cortical cyst diet

Firstly, for people with this type of cyst, the rapid growing rate of these cysts is the biggest risk of their health. Therefore, it is necessary for people who have renal cysts to avoid the foods that can stimulate the protein activity within sac so as to increase their growing rate. Alcohol, coffee and chocolate, etc, all belongs to these foods, so you had better avoid them if you have renal cortical cyst.

Secondly, high protein intake is able to increase the workload on the kidney and aggravate patients’ condition, so low-protein diet is good for them. Generally, one egg white, a glass of milk especially pure milk or skim milk, and 0.6g of lean meat can meet their protein need.

Thirdly, low salt is another requirement in this diet, because high sodium and water retention can not only increase high blood pressure but also aggravate their swelling.

The last point needs to note is that a medical treatment to shrink renal cortical cyst is the most important step to control patients’ condition. At present, surgery and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy are main two choice. You should choose one of them that is suitable for you based on your specific condition.

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