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Cysts In Kidney Symptoms

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Can a 5cm Exophytic Renal Cyst Cause Pain in the Upper Back

2014-09-26 03:38

Can a 5cm Exophytic Renal Cyst Cause Pain in the Upper BackAn 5cm exophytic renal cyst is big enough to cause many symptoms, including pain in the upper back. If you are also bothered by this problem, you can get help from this article. This article is for the general patients. As for your own condition, you can consult our doctors online. The service is free of charge.

Now, let me explain you why you feel pain in the upper back with kidney cyst. Then, comes from suggestions for treatment.

► Causes

1. Compression from the enlarged renal cyst

Exophytic renal cyst is an inside-out formation in the kidney, and is filled with fluid. When it grows to a certain size (more than 2cm), it begin to cause some symptoms, like pain in the back, flank or abdomen, high blood pressure, headaches, etc. Pain can elevate its levels by showcasing unbearable aches in the abdominal region due to the build up of calcium in the cysts.

2. Kidney cyst infection

Even the cyst is less than 2cm, it can be infected. When the cyst get infected, it will cause severe and sudden pain. In some cases, chills and fever will also be seen.

3. Nerve damage

5cm exophytic renal cyst is so large that it will cause ischemia and anoxia of the kidneys, leading to damage on nearby renal tissues. Failed kidneys cannot filter excessive wastes and toxins, so those harmful substances accumulate in the body, causing nerve damage. This is one of the possible reason why you feel pain in the upper back.

► Treatment

I recommend you take Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) instead of painkillers. Over-the-counter drugs can cause side effects and lead to further kidney damage. However, Traditional Chinese Medicines are more natural for shrinking kidney cyst and relieving symptoms.

Chinese herbs can inactivate the epithelial cells on the walls of kidney cyst so as to inhibit it secrete more fluid. Meanwhile, the effective ingredients can help repair the damaged renal tissues, so that it can improve your kidney function, which is the most important thing in treating kidney disease.

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