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Cysts In Kidney Symptoms

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7cm Kidney Cyst not Disappeared for 2 Years

2014-12-13 02:00 cyst is fluid-filled sac that are normally non-cancerous. However, kidney cyst will grow with age and can be a bothering for people. 7cm kidney cyst not disappeared for 2 years should be your concern.

Symptoms of 7cm kidney cyst

● Back pain: Enlarged kidney cyst will stretch the capsule of kidneys, thus leading to pain in the lower back, sides or in the upper abdomen.

● Nausea: Not only the kidney itself, but other organs like stomach can also be attacked. When big cyst occupy large space of the abdomen, it will compress the stomach and cause nausea.

Another reason of nausea is high level of creatinine in the body due to impaired renal function.

● High blood pressure: Blood vessels are narrowed due to the oppression of kidney cyst, thus leading to reduced blood volume in the kidneys. As a result, the secretion of renin increases, resulting in high blood pressure.

● Hematuria: This is one of the most common symptoms if kidney cyst. When that occur, patients may have severe back pain, and strong activities, trauma and infection will aggravate the painful feeling.

How to shrink or remove 7cm kidney cyst?

In the past, the doctor will prescribe some medicines or make a surgery to drain the cyst. However, patients will see the recurrence of kidney cyst within 6 months to 2 years with more serious kidney damage.

Nowadays, kidney cyst patients can be treated with a new natural treatment. In our hospital, Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital, we have used Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to shrink kidney cyst for almost 30 years. Based on hundreds of traditional Chinese herbs, it can increase the permeability of cyst walls so as to speed up the discharge of fluid and shrink kidney cyst.

This therapy has achieved great success on this field. You can trust us. If you want to try this therapy, you are welcomed to leave a message below.

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