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Cysts In Kidney Symptoms

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Are Puffy Eyes Related to Kidney Cyst

2014-12-22 06:38

Are Puffy Eyes Related to Kidney CystOnce a patient complain to me that she had suffered with tiredness, body aches and back pain. She also had sore and puffed eyes for at least a year. Having tried lots of drops and lotion, she still could not get rid of this suffering. Then, she took a CT scan after two UTIs, finding cysts on right kidney. Are these symptoms related? Any help for eyes?

Since many factors can also leaf to these problems, I cannot say exactly that the kidney cyst is the direct cause. Yet, kidney cyst indeed can cause these symptoms. Here are the reasons. Any other questions, please email to or leave a message below.

Tiredness. Kidney cyst expands and compresses nearby tissues, including the kidney itself. As a result, the blood flow passing through the kidneys. Due to shortage of oxygen and blood, the kidney cannot produce enough EPO (erythropoietin), a hormone that is very important for the generation of red blood cells. As a result, anemia occur, and patients always feel tired.

Back pain. The painful feeling can be dull at the beginning. Except back pain, kidney cyst patients might also have abdominal pain or body aches. This problems is caused by the stretch and compression of large kidney cyst.

UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections). It is more likely to attack women. When kidney cyst interferes with urine flow and delay, it can cause UTIs.

Puffy eyes. We can also call this condition “Swelling” or “Edema”. When that happens, it means the kidney function has been damaged. Therefore, excess fluid builds up inside the body, and swelling occurs.

From the above analysis, you can see the relationship between these symptoms and kidney cysts. However, you should not ignore other reasons that can cause these problems. You’d better consult your doctor for a confirmation. As for the treatment, you can get free help from our doctors online or leave a message below.

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