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Renal Cortical Cyst and Blood in Urine: What Does It Mean

2014-12-27 08:10

Renal Cortical Cyst and Blood in Urine: What Does It MeanBlood in urine (hematuria) is common symptom of kidney cyst or renal cyst. In most cases, people take a ultrasound or CT scan and find kidney cyst due to this problem. Well then, what does it mean that blood urine is seen with renal cortical cyst?

In a word, blood in urine with renal cortical cyst means kidney cyst rupture. How does that happen?

Cause of kidney cyst rupture

There are many arteries on the walls of kidney cyst. Due to increase pressure, along with infection, these blood vessels burst under over stretch. Where do high blood pressure come from?

As you know, kidney cyst grow with time. The enlarged cyst will compress nearby organs, including some renal blood vessels, leading to reduce blood flow in some parts. Kidney receive this signal and start to secret more renin, thus narrowing the blood vessels and increase blood pressure. High blood pressure is dangerous sign that your kidney function has been damaged. You should take measures to control blood pressure level within normal ranges.

Symptoms of hematuria

Blood in the urine may not be the only symptom of kidney cyst rupture. At the same time, patients might experience sharp back pain or flank pain. If infection occurs, fever, chills and painful urination may follow.

Treatment for hematuria

Medicines are sometimes necessary for relieving some symptoms. Painkiller and antibiotics may be prescribed by your doctor. However, do not depend on these medicines, because they may bring some adverse effects.

In fact, since kidney cyst is the root cause of hematuria, to shrink kidney cyst is key of treatment. I recommend Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, which is an innovation of traditional Chinese herbs. The effective ingredients of medicines expand blood vessels on cyst walls so that they can speed up the reabsorption and discharge of cystic fluid. Meanwhile, this therapy can improve the effects of oral medicines. By this way, damaged renal tissues can also be repaired and kidney function will be improved. Therefore, kidney cyst won’t grow or recur.

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