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Cysts In Kidney Symptoms

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Treatment for Kidney Cyst With Hydronephrosis

2015-01-15 02:41

Treatment for Kidney Cyst With HydronephrosisKidney cyst is a water-filled sac that can be found in one or both kidneys. When it enlarges it can cause kidney damage. Hydronephrosis is one of the presence of kidney damage. How does that happen? What are the treatment?


Hydronephrosis is a condition that typically occurs when one kidney becomes swollen due to the failure of normal drainage of urine from the kidney to the bladder.

Enlarged kidney cyst will interfere with the urine flow. Even a small delay of urine will cause many problems.

Symptoms of kidney cyst with hydronephrosis

● Pain in the lower back, flank, or abdomen

● Nausea and vomiting

● Pain when urination

● Urinary Tract Infection

● Frequent or urgent urination

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Treatment options for kidney cyst and hydronephrosis

Treatment for hydronephrosis should be based on the real causes. If it is truly caused by kidney cyst, then the goal of treatment should be shrinking kidney cyst and enhancing renal function.

Treatment options may include:

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

This is a natural therapy innovated from hundreds of traditional Chinese herbs. These herbs are micronized and soaked with medical fluid. The effective ingredients can permeate into kidneys with osmotic device. They can expand blood vessels, reduce inflammation and degrade extracellular matrixes. Therefore, it is beneficial for improving blood circulation of cystic walls, thus speeding up the absorption and discharge of cystic fluid.

● Cycle Therapy

It is a traditional treatment used to draw toxins in the blood. The medicines we choose can promote Qi and unblocking meridians. Therefore, it can improving ischemia and anoxia in the kidneys. Therefore, damaged renal tissues can be repaired. As long as kidney function can be improved, kidney cyst can be shrunk naturally and won’t recur.

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