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Cysts In Kidney Symptoms

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Symptom and Treatment for 10.7 cm Renal Cortical Cyst

2015-03-21 06:23

Symptom and Treatment for 10.7 cm Renal Cortical CystRenal cortical cyst is one of the common types of kidney cyst. It forms in the cortex of kidneys and can grow with age. This article is about information about symptoms and treatment for 10.7 cm renal cortical cyst.

Symptoms of 10.7 cm renal cortical cyst

-Dull pain in the lower back, side and flank. It can sometimes radiate to groins and abdomen. When kidney cyst is infected, the pain becomes sharp. Fever and chills may be also accompanied.

-Blood in urine. The 10.7 cm renal cortical cyst is so large that it will press nearby tissues. The blood vessels on cystic walls may burst, resulting in blood in urine (Hematuria).

-Impaired kidney function. In rare case, a simple kidney cyst cause kidney damage. Yet, 10.7 cm renal cortical cyst is very large, and can possibly press the kidneys. Therefore, blood volume and oxygen passing through kidneys reduces, leading to kidney damage.

When kidney function is damaged, patients may also experience high blood pressure, nausea, frequent and urgent urination, proteinuria or fatigue, etc.

Some other complications such as urinary tract infection may also occur. Any questions, please email to us at or talk with our doctors online directly.

Treatment for 10.7 cm renal cortical cyst

-Medicine: It is the first step to control certain symptom. Hypertensive drugs is also helpful reduce proteinuria. Antibiotics may be also given to treat infections.

-Surgery: If symptoms is severe, surgery is necessary to drain the fluid out of the kidney cyst. Patients can get immediate relief after surgery. Yet, they are likely to see the kidney cyst is filled up with fluid again.

-Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy: It is an external application innovated from traditional Chinese herbs. The key effect of this therapy is to improve blood circulation and enhance kidney function. This can shrink kidney cyst from the root in a natural way.

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