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Cysts In Kidney Symptoms

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Can Kidney Cyst Cause Bubbles In Urine

2013-04-25 14:53

Kidney cyst is a common renal disorder due to the formation of fluid-filled sac in the kidneys. When the cyst is small in size, it causes no obvious symptoms. However, it is found that more and more people have the disease with the development of imaging tests and popularity of physical examination.

Though it is very common, it has slow progression and benign prognosis. It seldom damages renal functions. However in some cases, the renal cyst can experience rapid growth within short time and it can even be more than 10cm.

When the cyst is large and continues to grow, it can cause a series of symptoms and renal functions will be affected especially if the patient does not seek proper prevention measures and treatment.

The enlarged cyst can oppress surrounding renal tissues. If the oppression state can not be solved, these renal tissues can be impaired and renal functions will be lost. If renal tubules or renal glomeruli or both are damaged, patients can notice a lot of bubbles in their urine. Abnormal bubbles in urine mean there is excess protein leakage in urine and it is called proteinuria in clinic.

Therefore to reduce bubbles in urine effectively, treatment should aim at the renal cyst and at the same time to repair damaged renal tissues so as to recover the normal renal filtration system and prevent leakage of more proteins in urine.

Chinese medicines are better than western medicines in this regard because it can help achieve the above two aspects of curative effects.

On the one hand, Chinese medicines can act on the renal cyst, change pressure differences inside and outside the cyst so as to promote the re-absorption of cyst fluid back into surrounding blood vessels. The cyst will be shrunk to smaller and smaller size. On the other hand, active ingredients in Chinese medicines can act on the damages renal tissues, increase blood supply, provide essential nutritions to repair and regeneration of renal functioning tissues so as to gradually recover renal functions.

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