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Cysts In Kidney Symptoms

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Kidney Cyst and Foamy Urine

2013-05-28 09:44

Kidney Cyst and Foamy UrineThe sight of foamy urine often rings the healthy problem of alarm, and it is a common complaint of people with kidney cyst. Is foamy urine associated to kidney cyst? What should these people do?

Many factors can contribute to foamy urine. Not all types of them need to management. If you pass foamy urine now and then, it doesn’t need to panic. For example, delaying a visit to the washroom can cause large amounts of urine gets collected in the bladder. Finally when you do urinate, too fast urination can cause foamy urine . In this situation, slowing down the speed of urination in the next time can prevent foam in urine effectively.

However, if you have persistently foamy urine, it may be a sign of protein in your urine. A heavy leakage of protein in urine may indicate a serious kidney problem. Then, you should do a test to determine the root cause of this problem. Generally, for people with kidney cyst especially large cysts, proteinuria can be due to the following factors.

1. Urinary tract infections: If one kidney cyst ruptures, the sac fluid will spread to other organs as well as urinary tract. Then, urinary tract infections occur easily. Besides, large kidney cyst can also cause this symptom. If your foamy urine is due to this factor, drinking more water and taking some antibiotics can be helpful, but you should take medicines with the guideline of doctors.

2. Kidney problem: As kidney cysts become bigger and bigger, they will oppress their surrounding kidney tissues and cause kidney damage. The kidneys are responsible for filtration function, any damage caused to it interferes in the filtration system. When the kidneys can’t function efficiently, protein is lost in the urine. If so, you need to find an effective treatment to shrink your kidney cysts and repair your damaged kidney tissues.

However, the treatment changes from case to case, because of patients’ different condition. To make sure you can get correct treatment, you can describe your illness condition to the online doctor briefly so that they can help you find right treatment.

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