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Cysts In Kidney Symptoms

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Exophytic Cortical Cyst: Symptoms and Treatments

2013-06-11 15:47

Exophytic Cortical Cyst Symptoms and TreatmentsMy ultrasound test shows several simple exophytic cortical cysts arise from the upper pole of my right kidney. Now, the biggest one has grown to 2.3*1.6cm, so I am very scared. Please, tell me the possible symptoms and treatments of exophytic cortical cysts.

An exophytic cortical cyst is an inside-out cyst forming in the renal cortex, which is composed of more than one million of nephrons. The glomeruli and renal tubules in nephron can guarantee the kidneys’ normal work. Generally, one small exophytic cortical cyst can’t change the structure of renal cortex, so patients usually don’t have any symptom. However, as the cysts grow bigger and bigger, they will compress their surrounding cortical tissues and affect the function of glomeruli and kidney tubules. Then, some symptoms may occur.


● High blood pressure

● Protein or blood in urine

● Back pain

● Urinary tract infection

If you have had one or more symptoms associated to exophytic cortical cyst, some specific treatments besides regular followup should be used to prevent more severe healthy problems.


As with other kidney disease, the most effective treatment for exophytic cortical cyst should be systemic. Once you are diagnosed with this type of kidney cyst, learn to make a scientific diet plan, quite unhealthy living habits, and accept natural remedy.

A healthy diet plan: It is reported that people with exophytic cortical cyst can big benefits from some fruits and vegetables such as cranberry, blueberry, celery, broccoli, cabbage, etc. Besides consuming more these foods, developing a low-salt and low-protein diet is quite helpful. Of course, the detailed diet plan should be made according to patients’ illness condition. If you would like, you can describe your illness briefly to us so we can help you make a correct diet plan. Leave a message in the form below or consult our online doctor directly. Either is OK.

Quite unhealthy living habits: Alcohol and smoking are two big risks for people with any type of kidney cyst, because they can not only worsen your symptoms but also prompt the cystic growth. Thereby, for your health, please quit them.

Natural Remedy: Until now, quite a number of patients have shrunk their kidney cysts successfully with herbal medicines, so we prefer to recommend natural remedies for people with exophytic cortical cyst especially the elderly. If you don’t want to use surgery, you can try them with doctor's help.

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