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Parapelvic Cyst and Uric Acid

2013-07-15 11:06

Parapelvic Cyst and Uric AcidAs with other types of kidney cysts, parapelvic cysts also make people at a risk of high uric acid. Knowing the link between parapelvic cyst and uric acid is helpful to prevent and lower high uric acid for people with parapelvic cyst.

Is high uric acid serious?

Uric acid is produced during the breakdown of purine, a substance found in many foods. Healthy kidneys can eliminate excessive uric acid successfully so as to keep it change among a normal range.

In most cases, uric acid balance is preserved in individuals with parapelvic cysts. However, with the growth of these cysts, hyperuricemia and decreased renal excretion of uric acid is more likely to occur due to kidney dysfunction. If left untreated, gout, uric acid stones and other healthy problems may happen to threaten patients’ life.

How to lower high uric acid in parapelvic cyst?

Since uric acid is produced from purine, what individuals eat plays an important role in the whole treatment. Therefore, if you are bothered by your abnormal uric acid level, pay attention to several diet tips:

Limit the intake of purine: Animal giblet is the most high purine food, so you should get rid of it completely. The purine content in lean meat, fish, bread, peas, etc, is secondary to animal giblet, so you can choose one of them as your daily foods.

Quit alcohol: Alcohol is another source of uric acid. When you kidneys can’t work normally with parapelvic cysts, quiting alcohol is better for you.

Drink some fruit juice or herb tea: Cranberry juice and nettle leaf tea both can help prompt kidney filtration function. Then, increased output of kidneys excrete more uric acid from the body thus lowering your high uric acid level.

In some cases, only depending on diet modifications are unable to make your uric acid come down, so you are suggested to use some natural remedies to shrink your parapelvic cysts and improve your kidney function. In this case, you can ask the online doctor to give you some suggestions.

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