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Cysts In Kidney Symptoms

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What Happens When Dialysis Patient’s Kidneys Are filled with Cyst

2013-06-16 09:56

What happens when a dialysis patient’s kidneys are filled with cyst? The presence of kidney cysts through ultrasound or CT scan has bothered many dialysis patients, because they are worried that kidney cysts will worsen their condition. Follow me, so you can get the information you want.

How does dialysis cause kidney cysts?

Dialysis, a kidney replacement therapy, is needed when kidneys can’t do their job normally. However, dialysis filters out many, but not all, of the wastes the healthy kidneys remove. It is reported that some certain unidentified waste product not eliminated through dialysis causes cysts to arise in the kidneys, so kidney failure, not dialysis, causes kidney cyst.

Generally, the longer you on dialysis, the higher incidence of kidney cysts you have. According to relative research, the increased incidence of kidney cyst with duration of dialysis is: 10-20% of after 3 years of dialysis, 40-60% after 5 years of dialysis, and 90% after 10 years of dialysis.

What happens when dialysis patient’s kidneys are filled with cyst?

In most cases, these kidney cysts have no symptoms, so patients don’t need to be worried about them, but the situation will be quite different, if a cyst becomes too large or infected. With such a cyst, patients may have back pain, high blood pressure, fever or even chills, and then effective treatments are needed to avoid further kidney damage.

How to treat kidney cysts caused by dialysis?

At present, two common treatment options can be used to deal with these cysts: surgery and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.

Surgery: If large cysts are causing pain, they may be drained with a long needle inserted through the skin thus drying up large kidney cysts.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy: Based on TCM, this therap aims to shrink all kidney cysts both large and small. On one hand, some herbal medicines are used to increase patients’ blood circulation and prompt the permeability of cystic walls so as to make more and more sac fluid discharged from the body. On the other hand, the secretion of sac fluid can be inhibited.

If you are bothered by kidney cysts, learn to which treatment is suitable for you with doctor’s guidance.

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