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Cysts In Kidney Symptoms

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Can Cysts in the Kidney Cause Lower Back Pain

2013-06-22 17:05

Can Cysts in the Kidney Cause Lower Back PainAs people get older, cysts filled with watery fluid may form in the kidneys. Usually, simple kidney cysts are benign and don’t cause any symptom unless one of them become too big. Communicating with people with kidney cysts, you may find lower back pain is their common complaint. Is lower back pain associate to kidney cyst?

Three factors may link lower back pain with kidney cysts: kidney cyst infection, kidney stone and enlargement of kidney cyst. Find out what is the cause of your back pain.

- Kidney cyst infection: It can also cause urinary tract infection. Besides lower back pain, you may have a painful and burning sensation when you urinate. In this condition, you can get relief from drinking enough water, if necessary, antibiotics. Additionally, some fruits and vegetables like cranberries are able to prevent and treat urinary tract infections, so you can consume relatively more these foods. (If you want a list of such foods, you can send email to my email box: )

- Kidney stone: For people with kidney cysts, uric acid kidney stone is more common than calcium kidney stone. No matter which type of kidney stone you have, it may obstruct your urine flow and/or cause back pain.

At present, surgery and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) are two treatment options for kidney stone. Surgery can remove kidney stone directly but may cause some dangers like bleeding. TCM is used to dissolve kidney stone and then eliminate it via urine, but it may need relatively longer time.

- Enlargement of kidney cyst: Since people with simple kidney cysts and lower back pain are usually above age 50, doctors commonly prefer to recommend safe and painless treatments. If you refuse surgery and want a conversative remedy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy may be your case.

Making sure the cause of your back pain and taking relative treatment, you will find they are more effective than taking painkillers. Don’t ignore your lower back pain, because it may cause severe problems.

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