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Cysts In Kidney Symptoms

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Severe Abdominal Pain and Renal Cortical Cyst in Left kidney

2013-06-23 16:02

Severe Abdominal Pain and Renal Cortical Cyst in Left kidneyMost often, renal cortical cysts are silent and asymptomatic. Only in rare cases, patients complain they have severe abdominal pain and renal cortical cyst in left kidney. Is their abdominal pain associated to their renal cortical cyst? If so, what natural remedies can relieve their abdominal pain?

How does renal cortical cyst cause abdominal pain?

Two factors may link them together: large cortical cyst in left kidney, kidney stone and urinary tract infections. Enlarged renal cortical cyst can stretch renal capsule and oppress their surrounding normal tissues, leading to dull and persistent abdominal pain, back pain or flank pain. If your abdominal pain are sharp and unbearable or along with blood urine, it may be a sign of kidney stone or urinary tract infection.

Natural remedies to help relieve the severe abdominal pain

A healthy lifestyle, a well planned diet and correct natural herbs are considered as the best remedy to ease kidney cyst patients’ abdominal pain. All of the following remedies are easy to perform.

Quite unhealthy living or eating habits

- Try not to wear high heels and tight pants

- Wear clean cotton underwear

- Drink more pure water or fruit juice like cranberry instead of alcohol, beer and sodas.

- Avoid sleeping on the hammock

- Keep the correct sitting posture

- Consume some foods that can help ease your abdominal pain such as almond milk and almond seed.

Many other changes in your life can help alleviate your symptoms largely but need to depend on your specific condition such as the size and the number of your cortical cyst. If you have your recent test report, you can send it to Doctors at pkdclinic will give you more suggestion in 24 hours.

Herbal therapies

If necessary, you may be also recommended to take herbal remedies like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, which is proven to be effective on shrinking renal cortical cysts successfully without any side effect. If you are looking such natural remedies, you can firstly learn more about them from our online doctor.

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