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What Happens If A Kidney Cyst Suddenly Collapses

2013-07-04 15:57

What Happens If A Kidney Cyst Suddenly CollapsesPeeing blood or severe pain may urge some people who have kidney cysts to do a KUB ultrasound. If they are diagnosed with ruptured kidney cysts, most of them may come up with this question, what happens if a kidney cyst suddenly collapses.

What is the answer?

Most often, kidney cyst is benign and symptomless. However, over time, more and more fluid fills into kidney cysts. In this condition, an accidental knock at the location of kidney may lead to a kidney cyst collapse. Then, some other healthy problems may come.

Blood urine: It is usually the first symptom of ruptured kidney cyst. In mild cases, blood may be seen only with the help of microscope, but in severe cases, patients can find blood in their urine by eye. This is because simple kidney cyst is filled with watery fluid as well as red blood cells.

Kidney cyst infection: When kidney cyst collapses, sac fluid easily flows to other organs or systems and then infections such as urinary tract infections are more likely to occur. In addition, sepsis may also occur as inflammatory response system reacts to infections. If left untreated, it may cause damage to the organs or even failure.

Severe pain: Kidney cyst rupture can lead to pain to individuals, especially when the cyst grows in the external part of kidneys. Pain in the back, sides, abdomen and hips can affect patients’ normal life largely.

In addition, kidney cyst rupture is one cause of kidney function decline. Once patients’ kidneys are damaged, it is difficult to reverse. At that moment, it may be life-threatening.

Since the enlargement of kidney cyst is the root cause of kidney cyst collapse, the best treatment is to drain it naturally. Only if your kidney cyst is small in size, you can live safe and health with it.

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