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What Does Renal Cortical Cyst with Calcification Mean

2013-07-15 10:49

What Does Renal Cortical Cyst with Calcification MeanI have multiple cortical cyst in left kidney, and the largest one is 93.0 * 61.0 mm. The test also shows calcification in my renal cortical cyst. What does renal cortical cyst with calcification mean?

In our daily life, renal cortical cyst with calcification isn’t very common, so many people don’t know why their cysts are calcified. Today, follow me to have an overview of this condition.

What does renal cortical cyst with calcification mean?

According to different characteristics, kidney cyst is divided into two classes: simple kidney cyst and complex kidney cyst. Simple kidney cyst is filled with watery liquid, sometimes red blood cells. Different from simple kidney cyst, complex kidney cyst may also be calcified. This means the mineral calcium may also appear in complex cyst. From this analysis, we can know renal cortical cyst with calcification is more likely to indicate complex cortical cyst.

Complex renal cortical cyst has two characteristics. On the one hand, it has irregular cyst lining and internal structure. The internal walls may divide complex kidney cyst into many parts. Within the walls, there are many irregularities. On the other hand, complex cortical cyst may have calcification.

These two characteristics give rise to the possibility that complex renal cortical cyst develops to kidney cancer, which may need surgical removal eventually. In order to prevent kidney cancer, the best treatment is to treat your renal cortical cyst as soon as possible.

Treatment options

Firstly, it is very necessary to make an accurate diagnosis. If your cortical cyst is diagnosed to be complex, two treatments may be helpful. Herbal remedy and partial or radical nephrectomy. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages, so they are suitable for different patients. To find which one is better for you, you can consult the online doctor or leave a message to us, so we can help you make a scientific treatment plan after analyzing your condition.

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