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Cysts In Kidney Symptoms

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Symptoms of Parapelvic Cyst in Women

2013-07-15 10:48

Symptoms of Parapelvic Cyst in WomenParapelvic cyst has an equal incidence in male and female. Generally, people with parapelvic cyst won’t have any symptom until one cyst is larger than 3cm and ruptures. For women who has large or ruptured parapelvic cyst, they are more likely to suffer from some symptoms, because of their specific physical structure.

What are symptoms of parapelvic cyst in women?

Parapelvic cyst may cause the following symptoms in women:

1. Urinary tract infections

As the cyst grows, it may block the urinary tract or burst. No matter which condition occurs, it can cause urinary tract infection easily. It is reported that urinary tract infections are 10 times common among women than men, because of their urinary tract structure and relatively low immunity.

Warm prompt: Drink about 8 glasses of water one daily and eat some foods such as cranberry and kiwi fruit. In necessary, you need to take some antibiotics with the guidance of doctor.

2. Back pain or flank pain

When the parapelvic cyst stretches its surrounding tissues and organs, back pain or flank pain may occur easily. This symptom usually has rarely any differentiation between in women and men.

Warm prompt: Common painkillers usually can’t work very well. Only if your parapelvic cyst is shrunk successfully, your pain can be relieved largely.

3. Sex problems

With large parapelvic cyst, women are more likely to experience pain during sexual intercourse. In this situation, unhealthy sexual habits can worsen patients’ illness condition.

Warm tips: Avoid excess sexual life and remember to urinate after every sexual intercourse.

4. Blood urine

Blood urine is another symptom of parapelvic cyst that can happen to both male and female. If left uncontrolled, blood urine may cause more severe complications like sepsis.

Warm tips: Finding out the root cause is necessary for the following treatment.


Different patients suffer from different symptoms, so the detailed treatment option should change from person to person. If you are faced with some symptoms caused by parapelvic cyst, tell the doctor timely to make an effective treatment plan.

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