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Cysts In Kidney Symptoms

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Cyst on Kidney and Blood in Urine

2013-07-16 15:21

Cyst on Kidney and Blood in UrineBlood in urine, kidney pain, frequent urination, etc, are some symptoms due to cyst on kidney. Well then, how does kidney cyst cause blood urine? Is there a good solution for this healthy problem?

Kidney cyst

A kidney cyst is filled with clear fluid or blood, but not all cysts will cause symptoms or discomfort. In view of this, we should know our kidney is a great organ that can still work normally with up to five small kidney cysts, but with time, some of them may even become larger than kidney, resulting in kidney damage. Besides, large kidney cyst is more likely to burst.

How does kidney cyst cause blood in urine?

Generally, two factors can lead cyst on kidney to cause blood in urine.

1. Kidney cyst hemorrhage: What ensues after a hemorrhage depends on the size and location of the kidney cyst. If a cyst filled with fluid and blood develops on the surface of kidneys, it is more likely to become hemorrhagic, and the incidence of blood urine increases, too.

2. Kidney cyst rupture: This is the common cause that leads to hematuria. As the cyst become bigger and bigger, surrounding organs will push against kidney cyst. This can lead to kidney cyst burst easily. Besides, a knock on the kidney area or trauma during surgery can also cause this symptom.

How to treat blood urine in kidney cyst?

Now, we have known the continuous enlargement of kidney cyst increases the risk of hemorrhage or rupture. In view of this, the whole treatment should start from shrinking kidney cyst.

Chinese herbs, compared with western medicines, have an obvious effect on changing kidney cyst’s structure and regulating patients’ internal environment. In clinic, dandelion, plantago asiatica, and some other herbs have been used maturely to shrink kidney cyst and ease patients’ symptom.

Besides, a healthy lifestyle along with a scientific diet plan is also a must for treating kidney cyst and easing relative symptoms. For example, cranberry and parsley are good for people with kidney cyst. Always make sure you are taking correct medicines and foods.

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