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Cysts In Kidney Symptoms

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PKD Clinic: Bilateral Renal Cysts Symptoms

2013-07-20 11:10

PKD Clinic: Bilateral Renal Cysts SymptomsCysts appearing in both kidneys are called bilateral renal cysts, which will cause some symptoms with the enlargement of kidney cysts. Getting an overview of bilateral renal cysts can provide a good basis for accepting a correct treatment.

Bilateral renal cysts symptoms introduced by nephrologist at PKD Clinic

No matter whether renal cysts develop in one kidney or two kidneys, cysts small in size usually don’t cause any symptom or discomforts. However, as they grow, symptoms listed below may occur.

- Pain in back, kidney or upper abdomen: This symptoms happen as a consequence of cyst enlargement.

- Fever and chills: If the kidney cyst is infected, patients are more likely to have fever and chills.

- Bleeding or blood in urine: Simple renal cyst is filled with sac fluid and sometimes red blood cells. If one renal cyst ruptures, it can cause blood urine, urinary tract infections and some other symptoms.

- Frequent urination: This is another symptom that is associated with bilateral renal cysts. If you have such a symptom, remember to check out your cysts.

How to manage bilateral renal cysts symptoms fundamentally?

With one of the above symptoms, patients easily find that common medicines can manage their symptoms effectively or these symptoms may come back at any time. For example, some people try to use some painkillers such as NSAID and Aspirin, in order to ease their back pain, but they fail.

Why can’t these medicines play their function effectively? This is because these medicines can do nothing to the large bilateral renal cysts, which is the root cause of those symptoms. In view of this, shrinking renal cysts is a must to alleviate the relevant symptoms obviously. Surgery and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy are two treatment options. If you are tested out bilateral renal cysts, try to choose a better therapy with doctors’ guidance.

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