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Cysts In Kidney Symptoms

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Bilateral Renal Cysts and Back Pain

2013-07-30 10:17

Bilateral Renal Cysts and Back PainMy renal cyst is 4.3*4.8cm in left kidney and 3.0*3.5cm in right kidney. Now, I have severe back pain. Can bilateral renal cyst cause back pain? Last night, our email box,, received such a message. If you also have a similar experience, read on to find the answer by yourself.

Bilateral renal cysts and back pain

Bilateral renal cyst is a condition in which round pouches filled with fluid develop in both kidneys, and it is indeed a common cause of back pain in clinical. How does bilateral renal cyst cause back pain?

Most often, bilateral renal cyst is benign and asymptomatic, but with its continuous enlargement, some symptoms and discomforts may occur. For people with bilateral renal cysts, their back pain can be due to two conditions.

One is the enlargement of renal cyst. As cyst grows, it will stretch its surrounding tissues and nerves, resulting in chronic kidney pain. The other condition is kidney cyst infection. If your cyst is too big, any knock on kidney area may cause the rupture of kidney cyst, which easily leads to infections especially urinary tract infection. Then, sharp back pain happens along with.

How to alleviate back pain in bilateral renal cyst?

To achieve this goal, many patients try to rely on some painkillers such as Ibuprofen and Aspirin. However, these medicines don’t work well for the relief of back pain.

The reason is that no matter what is the direct cause of chronic back pain, the enlargement of kidney cyst is the root cause. Painkillers can’t do anything for these cysts, so they are unable to patients get rid of severe back pain completely. From this point, only if the large bilateral renal cyst is drained can your back pain be relieved effectively.


Severe back pain is a common complaint of people with bilateral renal cysts. To help these people ease this symptom, doctors at PKD Clinic have found some natural remedies including food therapy and medicated therapy. If you are interested, we are glad to share them.

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