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Cysts In Kidney Symptoms

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Renal Cortical Cyst and Enlarge Prostate

2013-08-08 11:28

Is there any link between renal cortical cyst and enlarge prostate? Why these two disorders appear easily in one person? My father is 53 years old and recently does ultra-sonography, but the result shows there is a 2.4 cm cortical cyst in his left kidney and his prostate is enlarged. Can you tell me the answer of the above questions.

Renal Cortical Cyst and Enlarge ProstateRenal cortical cyst and enlarged prostate both occurs commonly in people above age 50 and may affect patients’ urination or even kidney function largely. Next, let us learn more about these two diseases in detail.

A cortical cyst describes a fluid-filled pocket arising from renal cortex, which guarantees the normal kidney filtration and reabsorption function. 2.4cm renal cortical cyst isn’t enough big to cause kidney damage.

In this condition, arranging a scientific diet plan, developing a healthy lifestyle and doing follow-up examination can make sure patients’ healthy condition. However, if the cyst grows to 4cm or large, it is more likely to lead to some symptoms or kidney damage. Then, cyst shrinking treatments are needed selectively.

As for enlarge prostate, it is another common disorder for the elderly men. It is reported that the incidence of enlarge prostate is 20% - 30% among men above age 50. With age, its incidence may be up to 40%. What’s worse, severe enlarge prostate may induce urinary tract blockage, urinary stone, chronic kidney failure or even uremic. In view of this, prompt treatment is urgently needed.

The earlier patients get treatment, the better their condition. Here, some symptoms can help patient find their problem on prostate timely:

- Frequent or painful urination

- Urinate difficultly

- Acute urinary retention

- Hematuria

- High blood pressure

Many other symptoms can help remind patients of this problem. If you or your father has renal cortical cyst and enlarge prostate, firstly tell us what symptoms you have had and the size of your cyst and prostate, then we will give you some suggestions including diet and medical therapies in time.

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