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Cysts In Kidney Symptoms

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3-4cm Complex Cyst in Kidney with High Blood Pressure

2013-08-10 16:19

3-4cm Complex Cyst in Kidney with High Blood PressureI have a 3-4cm complex renal cyst and it has intrinsic septum. I do suffer from chronic back pain and anxiety that makes my blood pressure high at times. I hope it won’t be cancerous. Please, give me some advices.

One patient leave such a message on our website. We know many people who are just diagnosed with complex cyst also have a similar experience. Therefore, today, we pose this topic here to give these patients some useful suggestions.

1. Keeping your kidney from worsening

High blood pressure is one big risk for kidney disease patients, because it can cause further kidney damage and aggravate patients’ condition. If your blood pressure is higher than the normal, keep it under control. A low-salt diet, correct anti-hypertensive agents and a good mood can help your lower your hypertension.

2. Prevent renal calcification

Compared with simple renal cyst, complex cyst in kidney can be calcified and progress to kidney cancer easily. Keeping complex cyst from calcification is an effective way to prevent kidney cancer. If not, you may need to remove your kidneys once it develops to kidney cancer.

3. Change the internal structure of complex kidney cyst

The reason why complex kidney cyst is far more severe than simple kidney cyst is that complex cyst has many irregularities within the cystic walls and/or within the contents of the cyst. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is able to regulate the complex cyst’s structure and reabsorb the sac fluid. Therefore, it can reduce the incidence of renal calcification and kidney cancer largely. If you want to live with complex cyst in kidney safely and healthily, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is worth a try.

Different from simple kidney cyst, complex cyst may be life-threatening. Only if its internal structure is changes and it is kept in small size, it is OK for patients to live with complex cyst. (If you want to treat your complex cyst in kidney effectively, you can go to Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and learn more about it.)

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