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Does a 10cm Ruptured Cyst on Left Kidney Need Surgery

2013-08-12 09:52

Does a 10cm Ruptured Cyst on Left Kidney Need SurgeryI recently had a ruptured cyst on left kidney. Doctors say it is 10cm kidney cyst and there is an area of blood surrounding the kidney. The rupture of this cyst occurs during my pregnancy. Do I need a surgery?

After analyzing this patient’s massage, doctors at PKD Clinic give out the following answer. If you have a similar experience, read on to find the information that is helpful for you.

Simple renal cyst is filled with not only watery fluid but also some blood. With its expansion, the risk of its rupture will increase. 10cm renal cyst has been so big that is nearly as large as the whole kidney. In this condition, the pressure from its surrounding organs and tissues can cause its rupture.

Pregnancy in abdomen area can increase the pressure on the kidney. This is why this patient find her cyst bursts during her pregnancy. Does patient with ruptured cyst need to do surgery? What ensues after such a hemorrhage?

The answer depends on the size, location and structure of the cyst. Some simple cysts can resolve on its own, while some need medical treatments. This is because fluid within a part of cysts in kidney if infected may lead to sepsis or other life-threatening complications. For these cysts, corresponding treatments are needed.

Surgery is commonly taken when the cyst is too large or symptomatic. Through draining the cyst fluid and adding some substances which contains alcohol, these cysts can be hardened and shrunk gradually. However, sac fluid may fill in these cysts again.

From this analysis, we can know surgery shouldn’t be the best method to deal with hemorrhagic cyst. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is another choice for these patients that can help dry up these large cyst safely and effectively. What’s more, with this therapy, cysts are difficult to relapse again.

If you also have such a problem, try to accept a suitable treatment with the guidance of doctors and according to your individual condition.

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