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Blood Urine and Kidney Cyst at PKD Clinic

2013-08-17 10:23

Blood Urine and Kidney Cyst at PKD ClinicBlood urine has two forms: gross hematuria and microscopic hematuria. Both of them may happen to people with kidney cyst. How does kidney cyst cause blood urine? What can be done to deal with blood urine? An answer is given by PKD Clinic.

The underlying causes of blood urine revealed by different symptoms

1. Hematuria along with sharp kidney pain or difficult urination: It is more likely to reveal kidney, ureteral or bladder stone.

2. Hematuria along with frequent or painful urination: This condition usually occur as a consequence of urinary tract infection.

3. Hematuria along with renal masses: For people with renal cyst, this symptom indicates large kidney cyst.

From the above information, you can preliminary determine what causes your blood urine directly and then adopt responding method to alleviate blood urine.

How to manage blood urine for kidney cyst patient?

No matter what is the direct cause of blood urine in kidney cyst, enlarged masses are always the root causes. Therefore, to deal with this symptom effectively and radically, draining large cysts is essential. Aspiration, laparoscopic surgery and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy are three treatment options.

Aspiration and laparoscopic surgery are commonly used to drain large or symptomatic cysts. Generally, they can help ease kidney pain effectively. As for blood urine, the effect isn’t so obvious.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, compared with the above treatments, aims to manage all kidney cysts, both small and large. Through altering the cystic internal and external structure, sac fluid can be discharged from the body via blood circulation gradually, thus drying up renal cysts. As long as the root cause is solved, blood urine will be managed successfully.

Different treatments should be selected based on individuals’ condition. As one of these people, you are suggested to consult the online doctor or leave a message in the form below, so doctors at PKD Clinic can help you choose a suitable treatment.

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