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Cysts In Kidney Symptoms

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2.8cm Kidney Cyst with Bad Pain in Left Flank Area

2013-08-18 10:41

2.8cm Kidney Cyst with Bad Pain in Left Flank AreaKidney cyst and flank pain always come together. One of my patients has such an experience. He had a 19cm kidney cyst drained by surgery last year but filled back up. Now, a 2.8cm kidney cyst forms in his kidney and he has pretty bad pain in left flank area. He refuses to do an aspiration again and want to find a natural way to get rid of kidney cyst. Is it possible?

19 cm kidney cyst is even larger than the whole kidney. In this condition, aspiration is one treatment option that can drain the sac fluid quickly so as to ease patients’ symptoms obviously especially the back pain. From this patient’s description, we can know the refill of kidney cyst is the biggest disadvantage of surgery. This is why he has one kidney cyst again.

Is there a natural treatment to get rid of kidney cyst?

Although it is almost impossible to remove kidney cyst thoroughly, some treatments still can deal with it effectively and safely.

Traditional Chinese medicines: TCM has more than 5000 years of history and is used widely to treat various diseases. Some Chinese medicines can prompt the reabsorption of sac fluid so as to drain kidney cyst successfully, while some other medicines are prescribed to prevent the refill of this cyst. Therefore, the effect of TCM in shrinking renal cyst is permanent.

Ayurvedic medicine: It, also called ayurveda, is one oldest healing system especially in India. With the help of herbal medicines and massage, this treatment can help ease patients’ symptoms to some extent and improve patients’ overall health.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy: It is another natural remedy for kidney cyst. As a combination of western medicines and herbal medicines, it can not only alleviate patients’ flank pain but also shrink renal cyst obviously.

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