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Cysts In Kidney Symptoms

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Side Effects of Kidney Cysts

2013-11-05 15:05

Kidney cysts have different effects in patients’ life quality. What are the side effects of kidney cysts? Read on and find the answer in the following information.

Side Effects of Kidney Cysts

As kidney cysts develop, certain possible side effects will affect their life quality. Here are the possible side effects of kidney cyst?

Cyst Burst

Kidney cyst is characterized by fluid filled sacs located in the kidneys. The number of cysts on kidneys are not changeless. In most cases, the multiple cysts are more likely to burst than the simple ones. When there is a cyst which is larger than 3cm, burst cyst may happen at any time. Rupture of these cysts can cause mild to severe complications.

Kidney Failure

When kidney cyst enlarges gradually, it will cause damages on the nearby kidney tissues, causing kidney damages and kidney function decline. When kidneys fail to function well, the waste products and excessive water will build up in the blood, causing different symptoms.

Bone Disease

Kidneys work to regulate the levels of electrolyte, such as potassium calcium etc, to make your bone healthy. When kidneys are damaged by the cysts, bone disease will happen.


Kidneys help produce hemopoietin, which helps stimulate the production of red blood cells. When cysts are large enough, it may cause your body to produce less red blood cells, causing renal anemia. And you may feel sleepy and fatigue.

High Blood Pressure

Kidneys can help produce a substance named “renin”, which can contract the blood vessels and regulate the blood pressure. For patients with cysts, they are more likely to develop high blood pressure.

Heart Disease

Due to the high blood pressure caused by kidney cyst, the heart will have to work more, which increases the burden for your heart, causing heart disease.

There are the common side effects of kidney cyst. If you need the full list of side effects, you can leave a message below.

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