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What Can I Eat to Shrink Kidney Cysts Naturally

2014-01-02 11:41

What Can I Eat to Shrink Kidney Cysts NaturallyManaging a proper diet is important for patients with kidney cysts to control the progression of the disease and shrink the cysts. Then what can you eat to shrink kidney cysts naturally? The followings are the brief introduction.

Low-sodium foods.

Low-sodium foods are suggested if kidney cysts patients are experiencing swelling and high blood pressure. Too much sodium will increase the risk of water-sodium retention, which can worsen the condition of swelling. High sodium can also accelerate high blood pressure. Both swelling and high blood pressure will cause more damage to kidneys, which do harm to the cysts. So you should avoid pickled foods, soy sauce, bacon and treatmentd meats.

Low-protein foods.

Protein is the necessary substance in our body. But protein will break down into urea nitrogen, which should be filtered out by kidneys as a waste product. So low-protein foods should be consumed to reduce the burden of kidneys. If the kidneys are damaged a lot, the cysts will continually grow up. But to prevent malnutrition, you should supply yourself high-quality protein, such as fish, egg white, milk and lean meat.

High-vitamin foods.

Patients with kidney cysts should replenish vitamin to improve immunity and prevent the deterioration of the condition. Fresh fruits and vegetables are the rich source of vitamins. But you should notice that not all kinds of fruits and vegetables are available. If you have high serum potassium and phosphorus level, you should avoid bananas, apples, spinach, pickles and so on.

Besides, patients should avoid stimulated foods, such as coffee, pepper, sea foods and so on.

The foods that you can eat or can not depend on your own condition. Everyone has a specific diet. You can send your medical report to pkdclinic888@hotmail.comfor the detailed diet plan.

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