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Treatments for Cortical Cyst in Right Kidney

2014-02-05 17:00

Cortical cyst in right kidney refers to fluid-filled sac that develops on the cortex area of kidneys. In serious case, it may progress into end stage renal disease. Thereby, getting timely and effective treatments are crucial.

If the cortical cyst in right kidney is small and does not present any symptoms, doctors may advice you to leave it alone and do some regular check-ups in 6 to 12 months, such as, B ultrasound, CT scan, etc; When the cysts grow large enough, a number of symptoms including back pain, abdominal pain, changes of urine, hematuria, hypertension, etc will occur.

Generally, treatments for cortical cyst in right kidney are as follows:


During the process of surgical treatment, a long metal needle filled with alcohol will be inserted into the cyst. In this way, the cysts can be shrunk or even became harden. If the cyst is too big, surgery will be needed to remove them.

Unfortunately, there can be some adverse effects. For example, infections, high relapse rate and so on.

Hot compress therapy

Compared with surgery, this treatment is harmless, as the herbs are all come from nature. With the help of osmosis device, two bags filled with the medicines will be placed on Shenshu acupoints externally.

By increasing the permeability of cystic wall, adjusting it’s inner and outer pressure, improving blood circulation, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation and providing nutrients for the impaired kidneys, cystic fluid will flow into urine finally. More importantly, kidney function will be enhanced. Have a question? Get an answer from our Online Doctor now!

Except for the above treatments, a healthy lifestyle is also significant. For example, they should stay away from alcohol, tobacco products and other stimulating foods, as these foods may stimulate the growth of cysts. In addition, to prevent cyst rupture, they need to avoid strenuous exercises.

If you are suffering from cortical cyst in right kidney, do not forget that we are always here to help. Any doubts, email us Good luck!

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