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New Treatment for Kidney Cyst in 2014

2014-02-26 09:49

New Treatment for Kidney Cyst in 2014Speaking of Chinese herbal medicine, many patients praise it both at home and abroad. Does it really have so big curative effect on treating disease? Now, please follow me to know about the new treatment for Kidney Cysts in 2014.

Look at the following questions.

1. What’s the kidney cyst?

Kidney cyst is a common disease which one or several sac filled with liquid grows on kidneys. Unlike polycystic kidney disease, it is not a genetic disease.

2. Is kidney cyst severe?

In fact, if the kidney cyst is not very large, patients have no obvious symptoms. But with growing of cyst, patients may suffer from back pain , flank pain, kidney pain or abdominal pain when the cyst gets larger and larger.

3. What should patients do for treating kidney cyst?

Many patients adopt surgery to excise cyst. But surgery is not the only therapy. Chinese herbal medicine can be another choice for you.

New treatment for kidney cyst in 2014

With the help of advanced osmosis device, Chinese herbal medicine can release the active ingredient to directly permeate into the kidney. This therapy has these functions such as expanding blood vessels, promoting blood circulation, eliminating blood stasis, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, increasing the permeability of cysts wall and altering the inner and outer pressure difference of cysts wall. Through this therapy, we can reach the purpose of shrinking cysts, repairing injured kidney and increasing renal function.

At the beginning, the Chinese herbal medicine are put into the bags and then soaked some penetrating fluid. And then, the two bags filled with herbal medicine are put under the patients’ lower back. What patients need to do is that lying in bed to take this treatment.

Also, the patients can describe their feeling to doctors. They say it is very comfortable and have no any feeling of discomfort.

After the treatment, the careful nurse will help you wipe sweat on the body to avoid catching a cold.

After the introduction, I think you have a general understanding about the new treatment for kidney cyst. If you still have some puzzling question, we’d like to provide free advice for you. Our e-mail is Welcome your consultation at any time.

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